Entrepreneurship training & mentoring

You will receive all the learning necessary to build a successful Legacy Network Business in your Entrepreneurship Training.

  • In the Welcome Session, you will receive an overview of your training.
  • In Session 1 you will LEARN the basics of your business.
  • In Session 2 you will CONNECT to your purpose.
  • In Session 3 you will IDENTIFY the qualities that lead to success.
  • In Session 4 you will learn how to SHARE the Legacy Network business.
  • In Session 5 you will learn to ENGAGE & LEAD your Team.
  • In Session 6 you will learn how BUILD your business.
  • In Session 7 you will learn how to CERTIFY you are ready to start building.
  • In Session 8 we will invite you to adopt our central operating principle: SERVE.

In addition to the training, you are also provided with a Personal Mentor and Support Team who will work with you side-by-side while you pursue your goals.