The income path

As you build your business, you are rewarded for your own personal business development and by helping your team members grow their businesses.

Legacy Network’s Business Challenge provides a specific Building Plan that puts Members on track of powerful income. We call this Building Plan a 2(+2) in 2 and is based on Members enrolling at least two Business Partners and two Customers in a two-week period of time and then helping their Business Partners to do the same. That’s it!

Although this Income Path is not a guarantee of income, it does accurately illustrate what is possible as you and your Team rise to the Challenge and complete a 2(+2) in 2!

If you want to increase your income beyond what is illustrated, or shorten the time it takes to reach these income goals, enroll more Business Partners and/or Customers into your business and teach your Team to do the same.

It is the duplication of Teams building Teams that deliver this income and is how large networks are built.

The total number of members and customers needed on your weak leg to generate this income is:

MONTH 1: 3
MONTH 2: 15
MONTH 3: 63

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